News QIRT 2010 will be held in Quebec City, Canada

News Visiooimage attending the NDT in Canada, 2009 National conference and exhibition, August 25-27, 2009, London, Ontario, Canada.

Old news Visiooimage attending the Canadian Institute for NDE CINDE exhibition, at Pratt & Whitney Canada Recreation Club, Longueuil, Montreal, Canada on Tuesday, October 7 2008

Infrared Non Destructive Testing (NDT) systems

Infrared NDT technologies for quality control and industrial processes. Searching for surface and sub surface defects on large down to microscopic surfaces. Works in materials such as metals, plastics, composite materials, wood, concrete, to detect and characterize delaminations, porosity, impact damages, disbonding, water ingress, cracks, microcracks and more. Real-time and portable capabilities.

Infrared machine vision systems

For detecting events, supporting and controlling manufacturing process, solving specific measurements, inspecting manufactured goods such as semiconductor chips, automobiles, food and pharmaceuticals, counting objects on conveyor, automatic traffic and parking monitoring, fire/heat prevention and detection, surveillance and more.

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